The Buddha’s teachings are vast and profound. Until today the instructions of the Buddha have been upheld in an unbroken lineage of practitioners who, by taking his teachings of wisdom and compassion to heart, have been able to pass on a living tradition unbroken to this present day. Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Trust strives to provide an authentic environment for the study and practice of the Buddha’s wisdom tradition making this rich heritage available to an international audience. Through this activity we facilitate increased understanding between the East and the West.


The Gomde Hermitage is set in 50 acres of beautiful, secluded broadleaf woodland near Inverness and Findhorn, planted 10 years ago with over 25,000 native trees including oak, aspen, chestnut, beech, juniper, cherry and other fruit trees,  It was offered to Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Trust for people to practice meditation in simplicity, peace and solitude.


The land is located near the Findhorn area which is known for its good weather, clear skies and varied countryside. Close by are rugged hills, moors, wild river ravines, white sandy beaches and a beautiful coastline. There are many castles and historical monuments in the area and it is (of course) guarded by the Loch Ness Monster! It is within easy access of Inverness Airport which is less than 20 miles away and has good flight connections. Aberdeen is about 2 hours away. It is on a public train and bus transport route between Inverness and Aberdeen. There is a bus stop within walking distance and there are supermarkets, shops, and organic farms (which will deliver) close by.

The local community facilities such a hospital and library are all within 5 miles. The open sea, with long, sandy beaches is only a few miles away as is the Findhorn Foundation with its many different activities.


Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche is the spiritual head of Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Trust, here in Scotland and worldwide. He is also the Abbot of one of the largest monasteries in Nepal and heads an accredited university programme in which westerners study Buddhist philosophy and Himalayan languages.

In addition, Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Trust has longstanding direct connections with many important Tibetan Buddhist teachers of our time, ranging from the very senior and traditional teachers of the Dalai Lama such as Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche, to the younger generation of teachers who are exploring the links between modern science and these ancient teachings, making a huge impact on western audiences. All are highly qualified and experienced teachers with extensive experience in communicating these teachings and meditation practices to modern audiences.

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