2017 was a huge leap forward for Gomde Scotland. The planing permission has been granted and after the amazing visit of Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, we have moved into a new phase. It has been difficult to bring things this far and now as we move in to the 10th anniversary year, is a time for change. The trustees have been listening to people, asking for suggestions and have distilled them into a strategic plan that emphasises more communal decision-making, better communication, and increased transparency in the organisation of Gomde Scotland.

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, the abbot of the Ka-Nying Monastery in Nepal is the spiritual directer and guide of Gomde Scotland activities. The Sherup Mandala is the umbrella organisation of all of Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche’s activities and further information can be found by clicking this link  https://shedrub.org/

Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Scotland is a charity registered in Scotland (SC040361) and we report to The Office of Scottish Charities (OSCR) every year. The Trustee reports and accounts are held on line with OSCR.

The organisation is overseen by 5 Trustees and managed by a Core Team of volunteers who are responsible for the coordination and steering of the various activities. These activities are managed by different teams or groups, and the members responsible for different aspects of the running of Gomde.

These teams are:

The Gomde Dharma Team: Organisation of Buddhist Events and activities

Gomde Sangha Team: Maintenance and care of buildings and equipment

Gomde Retreat Team: Retreat huts, time share, policies and management

Gomde Woodland Team: Environment, woodland care and all secular events

Gomde Office Team: Communications, Finance and Fundraising

If you would like to join in with any of these teams, please get in touch.


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