Supporting the study and practice of Religion and Philosophy is of the main charitable aims of Gomde Trust. We also hope to increase contact and interfaith exchanges with other spiritual groups in the area and the friendship and contact with traditional local monasteries such as Pluscarden Abby is inspirational.  The Trust report laies out these aims in further detail:

Aim: To provide places of peace, refuge and regeneration suitable for meditation and retreat for persons of any faith.

In Tibetan the word retreat means “to draw a line”—simply to step back from the ordinary hustle and bustle and concentrate on spiritual practice and prayer. Meditation guidance manuals often state that one of the best environments for this is the natural peace and quiet of a forest, with nothing to disturb the wildlife or one’s contemplation. However,  very few places cater to this need despite the increasing number of people wishing to practice meditation. Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Trust aims to meet this need.

Aim: To support the preservation and advancement of Buddhism, specifically the non-sectarian tradition of Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism.

Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Trust will promote increased understanding of Himalayan and Tibetan culture by creating an authentic environment for the exchange of knowledge between East and West, particularly in the areas of meditation, mindfulness training and philosophy.

The Trust will facilitate opportunities for the study and practice of the Buddhist teachings in general, and specifically the Tibetan Vajrayana lineage of the Chokling Tersar, by inviting qualified teachers, promoting discussion, study and meditation by making relevant books, teachings and practice materials available and affiliating with national and international Rangjung Yeshe Gomde associations and other groups with like aims.

To create an inspiring atmosphere the Trust hopes to construct a traditional Tibetan Buddhist Peace Stupa. The Stupa is a traditional symbol of the enlightened mind and qualities of wisdom and compassion. It is a source of inspiration in meditation and often visited as a place of peace and spiritual rejuvenation.

We expect that the Trust’s activities will generate increased interest in the local community, and the Trust will aim to meet that interest by inviting teachers, providing information and establishing a meditation group in the local area.

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