The prevention or relief of poverty is one of the main charitable aims of Gomde Trust as laid out in the founding document:

Aim: Research, develop and support projects which help the poor in Himalayan countries and provide social assistance, encourage sustainable conservation and promote cultural activities for the long-term benefit of people regardless of their race, religion or nationality.

The Trust can raise funds for projects that help the poor in developing countries, and especially those in the Himalayan region. Many of the trustees have extensive experience in development projects in these regions, which makes it possible to identify and fund worthwhile projects. In addition, knowing the culture and language makes the implementation of sustainable projects much more achievable.

Rather than specialising in one field, it seems more appropriate to be open to any worthwhile project that relieves poverty and results in social uplifting of the people. This may be achieved through improving health services, education, housing, sanitation and water as well as conservation of the environment and cultural programmes. Thus, the Trust will aim at supporting a wide range of small, sustainable, grassroots projects in remote, neglected areas.

Moreover, in any religion or spiritual tradition, practicing charity and generosity to the less advantaged is important. This helps develop qualities of compassion and openness, and reduces any tendencies to make racial distinctions. Focusing on the problems of others can make one’s own difficulties seem less overwhelming. Therefore, gaining public support for social projects in developing countries benefits both donors and recipients. Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Trust will support projects through raising awareness, facilitating individual sponsors and approaching funding bodies.

In addition, charity fosters a tolerance and a cross-cultural appreciation of common human values. Developing compassion and contemplating the suffering of others is an established meditation practice with many benefits. Being informed about the difficulties facing developing countries can make one more aware and appreciative of the tremendous facilities we so often take for granted, such as education, healthcare, and good governance. It helps us feel more content and happy. Therefore, Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Trust aims to promote cultural exchange as well as provide practical support for charitable projects in the Himalayas.

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