General Retreat Information – Welcome to Gomde Scotland!

Thank you for considering joining an event or group retreat at Gomde Scotland. Here is some practical information about your visit:


Please complete your registration for the event by clicking on the link in the Event information. Or if you would like to discuss any part of the retreat, please contact us by sending an email to:

In the Woodland

Gomde Scotland is a woodland retreat, so please come prepared for the outdoors in all weathers. Sturdy shoes, raincoats, sun hats and sun-cream are useful.

When walking in long grass or in the woodlands we strongly recommend long trousers that can be tucked into socks to avoid tick bites. Light coloured trousers help in spotting ticks more easily. Infections are avoidable if you check daily for ticks, and then you can avoid the risk of catching Lyme disease, which is prevalent in the Highlands.

To keep the woodland and all those that live in it safe, we have created the Woodland Covenant. Please read it and abide by it while you’re staying at Gomde (see below).

Food and Drink

We can provide drinkable mains water, but if you prefer bottled water please bring your own bottle or thermos.

Food is mostly vegetarian. If you are strictly gluten or dairy free, please let us know well in advance.

A variety of teas and coffees will be available, but if you have a strong preference please bring a supply of your favourite brew with you.


There will be only limited internet available through the office, and normally Lama Tenzin requires participants not to use it during the retreat.

Getting to Gomde Scotland

The address of Gomde Scotland is The Woodland Hermitage, Hardmuir of Boath, Nairn, Scotland. IV12 5QG. Tel. UK (+44) 0131 208 2884 or UK (+44) 0778 453 1420

The entrance to the woodland is at the lay-by just south-west of the Wester Hardmuir strawberry fruit-farm.

By road (car or bus):

We are just off the A96 between Auldearn and Brodie, at Wester Hardmuir. When you are coming from Nairn heading east, there is a large lay-by on your right before the Hardmuir Fruit Farm, with a woodland track leading off it. You go through the wooden gate and follow the track to the very end to reach Gomde.

You can get off the bus at the Hardmuir of Boath stop (any bus going between Inverness and Elgin will stop here, but please let the driver know beforehand.) From there it is a 15min walk to Gomde, but if you let us know beforehand we can pick you up at the bus stop.

By air

Inverness is the nearest Airport; it takes 20 min to drive, and there is a direct bus from the airport to Gomde’s road-end at Hardmuir of Boath (with a change at Nairn). You take the bus East in the direct of Forres/Elgin. If arriving at night you may wish to take a taxi, it costs about £35

There are flights to Inverness from UK and European airports, see for details.

Other airports are Aberdeen (2 hours away by bus or train), Glasgow and Edinburgh (both 4 hours by bus or train).

By train

The nearest train stations are Nairn and Forres. From the train station you can walk to the bus stations, or take a taxi to Gomde.

Taxis Numbers

Taxi 24/7 Nairn 01667 459595

Nairn Taxis  01667 451111

Spot On Cabs Forres 01309 671717

Mundole taxis & minibuses Forres 01309 673168


Simple accomodation is available at Gomde. However, if you should choose to stay off-site, in the surrounding area and especially the picturesque villages of Nairn, Forres and Findhorn, there are many different choices of accommodation – from beautiful old hotels on the beach to local B&Bs and a simple inexpensive hostel in Findhorn. From Nairn and Forres you can take the bus to Hardmuir, or lift-share with other guests. Good places to start looking are, and

Gomde Scotland Woodland Covenant

A Memorandum of Understanding between Gomde Trust Scotland and all Users

(Time-Share, Retreatants, Volunteers and Visitors to Hardmuir Woodland Hermitage).

Gomde Trust (known as Gomde) and any one attending a programme, retreat, volunteer or visitor (referred as the User) mutually agree to promote harmony, protect the Woodland as a sacred space and avoid disturbing other Users or neighbours. Thus you agree to abide by the basic guidelines for harmony and  

•      Respect life and do not kill anything

•      Respect other people’s property and do not steal anything or take    without asking

  • Respect the truth and refrain from misleading, divisive or untruthful statements

•      Encourage health and refrain from intoxication

•      Respect others and refrain from any behaviour that causes distress or harm.

We also request you respect the Country Code and protect the Hardmuir Woodland Hermitage environment by agreeing not to:

  1. Behave in a manner constituting a nuisance or danger to any neighbour or other User. Create excess noise or disturbance. Make fires, smoke or endanger the woodland with any fire hazard.
  2. Allow children or minors to be unsupervised at any time; all children are the sole responsibly of their Guardians. Please be aware and take special care of the danger at the pond and river.
  3. Allow pets and animals on the land except with prior permission of Gomde and if allowed, they must always be kept under control and are the sole responsibility of their owner.
  4. In any way unnecessarily disturb or molest wildlife or wildlife habitat. Do any game shooting or pest control, or undertake or allow others to do any activities pertaining to hunting, fishing, or trapping on the property. Please do not dump or dispose of any waste materials, rubbish or other debris on the land.
  5. Use the land for a campsite or place tents, caravans or mobile homes on the land without permission or for longer than two weeks.
  6. Cut or trim the trees unless prior approval is given by the Trust, or use a chainsaw, unless personally insured.
  7. The User agrees to protect and indemnify the Trust, its agents and employees, from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, liability and expense, by reason of loss or damage to any property or bodily injury to any person whatsoever, that may arise from the construction and placement of objects on Gomde and from the maintenance or use of Gomde by signing this disclaimer.

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