Gomde Scotland is delighted to be hosting Erik Pema Kunsang’s BODHI TRAINING. We will next meet on the weekend of Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June 2022. The main teaching will be given by Erik on Sunday 19th June.

In partnership with Gomde Denmark and renowned translator Erik Pema Kunsang, Gomde Scotland will provide this online course via monthly residential retreat events.

Bodhi Training is an educational program in which you are guided through all levels of insight from the teachings of the Buddha, in English. This happens with the help of methods that support you in uncovering and realizing reality as it is. The aim of this program is to further develop your ability to meet all life situations with more compassion and deeper insight.

Bodhi Training is an experiment in integrating traditional wisdom with a contemporary educational format in a way that does not promote competition and profit, but rather evolves around spirit and the co-development of compassionate communities – because genuine care makes us more intelligent and insightful.

“Interrupt the dualistic mind, so that you are at peace, in a way of being that is more and more open, effortless and light. We all need this form of lightness and spaciousness in life. Let a kindness that gives space be your natural atmosphere.”
– Erik Pema Kunsang

This is a year long course running from May 2022 until May 2023.

Starting on the weekend of 14/15 May 2022, the training is offered through the year, with 9 weekend retreats and a 5 day retreat designed to deepen practice and insight.

We will participate in each of the teaching weekends in order, as each month’s teaching builds on the previous months. It will therefore not be possible to join the teachings part way through.

On the Saturdays we will come together as a group to meditate and reflect on the teachings and exercises which Erik is offering us. Then on the Sundays we will participate on the online teachings with Erik, along with others joining from the global community. More details will be available closer to the time.

There is the option to attend and stay on site, or to stay off site and just attend the teachings and practice sessions. You are also welcome to arrive before the weekend and to stay on afterwards. Please let us know your preferred dates of arrival and departure before each event.

Please see booking form for your different options. Booking Form

For those who wish to take the training deeper after the first year, the Bodhi Training programme will continue in years two and three.

For more details about the training please visit the Bodhi Training website at bodhitraining.com

Book your place here Booking Form

Please send your completed form to info@gomdescotland.org

You can also join the Bodhi Training independently by registering directly via the Bodhi Training homepage. You are then still welcome to book a place with the group practising together at Gomde Scotland.

We do hope you can join us.