We would like to send our best wishes, a little late but very much heart-felt.

We hope this is a peaceful, happy and healthy year. A year of joy and progress in all things meaningful in life. We hope this is a year where we can meet often at the Gomde Woodland Hermitage. –
The year we can make some progress in the establishment of the facilities needed to support your meditation practice in this place of peace and tranquility 🙂

Woodland Wonder Week – 15-25 April 2016. 

A time to cherish and care for Gomde and the woodland. Come join us for 10 days of daily meditation practice, followed by a group effort to tackle the spring “To Do List” and delicious, fun lunches. Something for everyone: from the chainsaw gang making firewood to the indoor gang setting up the shrine room. If you can, come volunteer a few hours or a few days. Everyone is welcome and we intend to spend a fruitful time down in the woodland. For more information contact us on info@gomdescotland.org.