It was a delightful meeting between Abbot Hugh and Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, at the Medieval Benedictine monastery of Pluscarden and we would like to thank Father Abbot and the monks for their kindness and warm welcome. Rinpoche referred to it in his teachings and this is the article from the Benedictine Community newspaper:

On Wednesday 22 September, we were happy to receive Rinpoche Chökyi Nyima, founder of Ka-Nying Ling Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal. This monastery as its name suggests, follows both the Kagyu and Nyingmapa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The Rinpoche was visiting Scotland primarily to consecrate a newly built wooden hermitage at Juniper Hill, Hardmuir. The hermitage is part of Rangjung Yeshe Gomde, based at Lindholme Hall, an international centre for the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism, established by Ka-Nying Ling.

The Rinpoche with two accompanying lamas and a group of friends attended Vespers. After this Rinpoche and Fr. Abbot exchanged katta, traditional silk scarves, as a sign of welcome, as well as some gifts. The Rinpoche presented some of his own writings, including one of Medicine and Compassion, and Fr Abbot gave a copy of the Rule of St Benedict, one of our CDs of Gregorian Chant, and a book of his own. We then moved to the Chapter House for tea and conversation. Although accompanied by translators, the Rinpoche and lamas spoke good English. The dialogue was at once friendly and serious, the Rinpoche asked Fr Abbot for the exposition of Christian belief on life after death, and impressing us with his charm, evident spirituality and simplicity. The visit, which had lightened up a September evening, concluded with the expression of mutual respect and promises of prayer.

In November, another Rinpoche from the same monastery is expected to visit the above-mentioned hermitage. Perhaps this will give us a further opportunity for such inter-monastic dialogue. DCB