PLEASE NOTE -NEW DATES FOR LAMA OSER’S VISIT: Please join us and LAMA OSER at Gomde Scotland on Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th October 2023

Due to a change in the date for Lama Oser to return to Nepal, we have cancelled the planned Weekend Seminar, BUT we are delighted that Lama Oser will still be coming to Gomde Scotland and will offer us both an afternoon and an evening teaching this Monday, 9th October.  We do hope you can join us.

We will also still be having our annual Tea Party, now scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday 10th.

Lama Oser will be available for interviews.  If you would like to arrange an interview please email us and we will aim to schedule in a suitable appointment.


Monday 9th: 2.30 – 4.30pm – Teaching and meditation. 7-8.30pm – Teaching and puja 

Tuesday 10th: 4.30 – 6.30pm – Tea Party šŸ™‚ Our annual Gomde Tea Party is a great opportunity for family and friends to meet Gomde, the Sangha and each other. Do come along and join in. Please read on to see the more details

You can attend as a day visitor or by staying on-site at Gomde. Contributions towards costs are on a donation basis. 
The suggested donations are: 
MONDAY TEACHINGS:  Ā£20-30  ACCOMODATION:  Ā£25-45 per night, including breakfast. If you wish to stay overnight, please let us know soon so we can  reserve accommodation for you.

Suggested donations are on a sliding scale to make it possible for everyone to come while still covering our costs.  Every payment on the higher end of the scale supports those on lower incomes.   No one is excluded due to lack of funds. If you require a bursary, please get in touch.
It is traditional to make offerings to the teacher following the teachings, which enables practitioners to show their appreciation for the Dharma.  Please give what you can afford. This can be done at the end of the session, or you are welcome to make a donation online via the website and let us know.
To reserve your place, please email We look forward to seeing you soon.